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Second ALT.Net Livemeeting on 19-Nov-2008

22. November 2008

In this blog post, I want to share some of my ideas about these meetings. We had about forty plus people on the call.  I thought it went really well and was really surprised to see so many people. I really hope that we can continue the open space meeting style. 

One of my ideas would be to come up with a catchy name.  Most of the discussions will be about alt.net.  And the meetings will be virtual.  One of the names I came up with was “virtual alt.net”. This could be abbreviated to VAN.  Then the meetings could be call VAN meetings.  Seems like we always have to come up with some kind of acronym.  What are your thoughts for names?

Meeting style lately has been more of an open spaces type meeting.  This allows the meeting to be directed by the participants.  This can create a really good discussion about a topic.  Most people on these calls are really passionate about their work and have a-lot of great stuff to share, which is cool.  I would like to have guest speakers present also, and the open spaces might be the best format.  Should we continue this style?

One of the concerns that Chad and I had at first was the number of people on the call.  However, it was really not an issue.  Whatever the topic was, we only had about four people discussing at one time.  As the conversation moved into a different area the people would change.  So should we limit the number of participants?

After reviewing some of the comments on Chad’s blog there are few people who would like to participate from Europe.  Not sure what the best time for our meetings, it would be to accommodate them.  It would be cool to have them join the calls.  Anybody have any suggestions for times.

In the end, I hope that this continues to grow and be a great learning experience for all.

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